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VISTA tandem kayak


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The Vista is an exceptionally popular touring tandem that mixes speed with stability and easy handling – of course if you compare it with similar day-tourers. It is also pretty cheap. But, if to speak in general boating qualities, it is heavy, the seating positions are too close to be comfortable and surely maneuvering will not be safe under stress conditions (front paddler should wear a helmet). Also you have to acknowledge that there is not sufficient space for belongings for trips beyond one, may be, 2 days. At least for casual weekend paddler with the regular consumer market touring gear. So what we have here is the recreational day tour tandem for open canoe haters – for people who like low seating position with the  backrest behind. It really provides the stable platform for calm river cruising and there is no much competition to it in the given price range.

Length: 485cm
Width: 82cm
Weight: 41kg
Water Type: Canal, Lake, Touring River, Calm Coast
User Guide: Beginner
Type: Tandem Recreational Touring Kayak
Max Load: 300kg

Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 485 × 82 × 40 cm


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