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Payments and delivery


Depending on your provided shipping address and shopping basket content you’ll be offered various shipping solutions. Please take a time to study the list of possible shipping options (below) and possible restrictions which are not handled by the automatic software plugin, thus making it possible to have an unrealistic shipping options on your checkout.

DPD pickup stations and parcel shops – this is an attractive and cheap shipping option if your ordered goods, when packed, fits the into standard parcel station box dimensions. The weight limit is 20kg and the size limit is 36 x 43 x 60 cm. DPD software do not check the parcel sizes nor calculates the combined shipment parcel dimensions! There are free shipping options possible with this shipping method, provided you have reached a certain order volume qualifying for free shipping (volume depends on destination, see table below). Be wise, don’t try to ship a kayak or canoe into one of those boxes… Boat purchase usually extends the free shipping limits with the parcel stations, however actual size and weight limits eliminate this option in real life.

DPD home delivery – this is the DPD classic delivery service customized for servicing of the private persons. Costs are weight based and there are weight and size limits as well. You can select this shipping option for every type of goods, canoe and 2-part kayak paddles included, but still can’t use for shipping of the kayaks and canoes!

Omniva parcel terminal – this is a twin for DPD pickup station service. Same economical small-box shipping service but with different and denser pick-up station coverage, providing better availability in certain regions.

Campo select – this shipping method is meant for kayaks and canoes. Certainly not efficient for small items, but as soon you have to move large items, our selected carriers can do better or do what the standard parcel services can’t do at all. For local territories the costs quoted for this type would be exact, for international shipments an average “dummy” quote will be shown on your checkout. This price is subject to change based on your order and given shipping address and will be adjusted as soon we’ll get your order with it’s details. Don’t pay the invoice before the final shipping price confirmation is received (international orders).

Local pick-up – collect your order at our warehouse located “Lībieši”, Silakrogs, Ropažu district, LV-2133, Latvia. Usually suitable for local buyers. Again – meant for large items or large orders.

Shipping costs reference table. Prices might change.

ZONE 2: Austria, Belgum, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Finland, Germany, Sweden.

ZONE 3: France, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia

ZONE 4: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Spain


All payments should be made using “direct bank transfer” to our account. Account credentials will be provided in your order proforma invoice.

In case you opt for DPD home delivery service, there is an option to pay in cash (or by card) to courier upon receiving of the package. A small DPD commission apply to this service, check your invoice!