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LOXIA (2+2) canoe


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Loxia is a hi-tech family canoe. Symmetrical hull with a shallow V keel line and slightly rockered ends provide excellent tracking and really good response to turning strokes even when heavily loaded. Flare ends assure a dry ride in a choppy conditions in case the weather strikes you and the profile is kept reasonably low to resist unnecessary windage. Made of innovative TwintexTM material and using a crosslinked core structure, this large and stable canoe weights only 33kg!

With pretty compact measurements this canoe has a general carrying capacity of 475kg, while performs best at 300kg load – what is really enough to carry a dad, mom and 2 kids in a wilderness adventure for a week! It could be used in rentals as 2+2 or 3-adult canoe.

Due to the nature of the composite matrix used it is fully recyclable and thus fully factory refurbishable. At about 1/3 of the new canoe price the complete refurbishing could be provided. Rental operators – ask for an offer!

Webbed seats in oiled ash frames, 2 ash thwarts and end-handles. Stainless steel hardware.
Colour options for this model: carbon-black and natural white (semi-translucent glass structure visible).

Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 506 × 94 × 54 cm






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