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Timeline Stories

It’s all about boating

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So, you want to go out paddling, motoring or even yachting? You need the boat – to rent one or purchase one that suits you best. Or, may be, you want to build your own? In any case we got a subject to talk!

Design and prototyping workshop

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We make the form to macth the idea! Freelance services – 3D CAD design and engineering, 3D CAM and CNC milling. Natural scale master models, prototypes, molds for composite production. And not only boats – also automotive or any other 3D objects which needs a computer controlled accuracy. Sounds positive? Get in touch!

It started as a wintertime employment project

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There was a time when the engineering background of mine called for better, ok – not better – different employment during those long winter months. And so the boat design and manufacturing workshop has been created. And soon our favorite canoe designs hit our rental fleet and store. Since that time we have 2 diversified business lines which, at the first sight, have little common in general and running their own paths, however we are pretty confident about the statement that “to be able to make a good boats you have to live with the boats, know where the fun part is, where the drawbacks come form and where technology has to play its role”. We try to master this technology!

Pool clinic

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Mastering an eskimo roll in swimming pool during the winter season was an appreciated event! Of course, not exactly so by the pool administration…

Photography contest

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Growing paddling community asked for socializing. Annual photography contest with gala-event near Christmas time was an answer. See materials in club archive pages!

Sea kayaking tours

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From cold water paddling in Archipelago (Finland) and Lofoten islands in Norway to relax paddling in Adriatics and Ionic sea archipelagos in Greece. These are main destinations for our guided sea kayaking tours over a decade since 2006.

Canoe school

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Introduction to canoeing and kayaking. School for beginners, WW safety courses for guides – that was part of our history as well.

Paddling shop

To keep up with the demand for proper paddling gear, the paddling shop was created.

Adventure racing

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We cut our way to recognition via series of adventure racing events hold annually since 2001 till 2009. Most prominent, perhaps, was a 3-day midsummer canoe event called “Ultramarathon”. Afterall, that was great fun to everyone!

Canoe rentals

For the time being the canoe rental service was facing almost an empty niche and we were set to cover the most attractive rivers and regions by chain of rental outlets, incorporating the best industry practices. On-line reservations was a clear innovation at this time.