AFON canoe



‘Afon’, similar to ‘Avon’, is derived from the Celtic British word for ‘river’; this simple word in itself says everything about this canoe.

Rivers can be tranquil, or they can be wild, and the Venture Afon is a true enthusiast’s canoe in which you can enjoy either variety as well as everything between, whether paddled solo or tandem.

High volume ends, a flared bow, a subtle V-hull, and paddle cutaways all produce a canoe that is responsive and an utter joy to paddle, whilst continuous hull curvature gives a progressive feel, and high secondary stability.

The Afon tracks beautifully when flat, but heel it over onto its high-stability chines and the paddle cutaways will allow you to perfectly place your blade and swing the boat around on the spot; on the way downriver you’ll notice the flared, high volume bow picking up through features and keeping you dry and headed in the right direction.


Outfit standards:

CL: 2 Ash Wood Web adjustable height Seats, Standard Wooden Yoke, Vinyl Gunwales, Plastic End Decks with Moulded Carry Handles;

TriLIte: 2 adjustable height wood and webbing seats, standard wooden yoke, moulded gunwales, moulded end decks with wood carry handles.


Venture canoes

Weight 39 kg
Dimensions 454 × 91 × 50 cm



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